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Fencing is not just a sport, it is a school of life.

This elegant sport is a „physical game of chess“. Age young or old is no barrier to learning the art of fencing. Many latecomers to fencing grasp their first foil in later years, with the advantage of having a mature personality, a developed will and of course determination. The „interplay“ between the various age groups is possible in Fencing. This results in an enriching experience for the participants. Each interaction is multifaceted allowing each individual to learn from and with one another.

Fencing is an intense sport; precision and technique, condition, endurance and mental strength are essential. There is hardly any other sport art so demanding and yet so rewarding on so many different levels. Every second counts in fencing. It is essential to assess each situation and to respond with a decisive action involving confidence, lightening reflexes, control and exactitude of both body and mind.

In „Fencing Club Bern“ We acknowledge all these facets of Fencing and it is the primary goal of the Club to fulfil the needs of the individual and of the various member subsections at every level.

Success, the story so far...The success in the 100-year story of „Fencing Club Bern“ is the result of this strategy. The reward of a specific and professional underage development program is, a group of motivated Fencers, performing at the highest level. At the heart of the club are the veterans, and senior members who support the system both financially, in the form of securing the much needed sponsors and intellectually.

The story began in the late twenties with the Jeanne Mende-Morgenthalerand with foil and continued in the sixties and seventies under the watchful eye of Fencing Master Robert Vaugenot. In 1966 the young Daniel Giger brought the first Swiss Epee Champion title to Bern. He went on to win the title six times. Christian Kauter, the current OCPresident of the Grand Prix de Bern, won the Foil Swiss title a supreme six times in the same period. The men’s team section in Epee (Daniel Giger, Bernhard and Christian Kauter, Werner Müller and Peter Meister) and Foil (father Walter and son Daniel Giger and the brothers Bernhard and Christian Kauter) also celebrated success at a national level during this time. The talents of both Christian Kauter and Daniel Giger were not limited to a National level. Both went on to have international success with the Epee at World Championships and Olympics between 1970 and 1982. During the era of Henryk Nielaba (1983-2000) the success continued with Nicholas Dunkley, Christian Katter, Daniel Giger, Peter Burkhalter, Zsolt Madarasz and Gerrit Straub and later with Markus Friedli, LarsFrauchiger, Diego Wetter, Dominik Saladin and many other dedicated fencers.

The female fencers are equally dominant, and have shown their prowess at national and international levels. Anja Straub won the first women’s Epee title at the Olympics in Denver in 1980!  At the 2000 Olympics in Sydney Gianna-Habützel-Bürki won silver both in the individual and team competition (with Diana Romagnoli-Takouk and Sophie Lamon). This success continued at the World Championship a year later when Gianna won the bronze and the women’s team won silver again.

Alongside the impressive results achieved by the Veterans between 1996 and 2000 are the successes of the junior members. Michael Kauter won the silver medal at the Junior World Championships in Belgium and followed in 1997 with the silver medal at the European Championship.

The Story Continues... Since November 2000 the Maitre Gabriel Nielaba is the Fencing Master at FCB. With over 150 members FCB is one of the biggest clubs in Switzerland. With his support the success story continues. Numerous titles and medals have been won with his support. Noteworthy is the Swiss Epee title achieved by the men’s team in 2004 at the European Championship. The team consisted of Fabian Kauter and Dominik Saladin from FCB with Benjamin Steffan and Marcel Fischer (the later Olympic champion).

The dedication and attention of Master Nielaba extends to all the subgroups in the club, from the juniors to the veterans. Specific attention and support is given to our up and coming juniors by Met, together with Hans Dätwyler and Wolfgang Senften. The goal of their combined efforts, is to provide a solid technical foundation and to facilitate the discipline and determination necessary for success; whilst, allowing each person the freedom to express their individuality and develop their personality.

Further information about FCB can be found on our Homepage or you can contact the following:

Erfolge, die Geschichte sind...

Lars Frauchiger
c/o Berner Fuss Zentrum
Schänzlistrasse 33
3013 Bern
Tel. 031 332 35 35
Gabriel Nielaba
Fechtclub Bern
Gewerbestrasse 36
3012 Bern
Tel. 031 301 69 58

Or: You can simply pop in to the training centre in “Gewerbestrasse” on Tuesdays after 7pm to have a look at what we do and to have a chat with the Fencing Master Gabriel Nielaba. See you soon!

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